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The Achiever - Volume 1 - No.1


 PDF Version   12/31/2017

Benjamin Stevenson ON THE INSIDE…..
  • On-The-Job Training
  • YBL Spotlights
  • From Prison to President
  • YBL Program Director




The Achiever

YouthBuild-Lakeland’s Cycle 15 participants are enthusiastic and excited about having the Lakeland Housing Authority’s Williamstown development project as their construction classroom. Years from now, these participants will be able to share with their children and grandchildren about their contribution to the erecting of this community. Terry Love, YouthBuild Construction Trainer appreciates the interest and desire to learn that the young adults, ages 16-24, are displaying. “The participants put great effort into performing as they are trained on the construction site”, shared Love, “and they work well together as a team”.

The program provides each YouthBuild participant with a tool-belt with tools, safety boots, work shirts and personal protective equipment (PPE), along with the opportunity to receive on-the-job training. The treasure chest of construction skills learned will be of great benefit, once they graduate from YouthBuild and begin to seek gainful employment.


Cynthia E. Zorn-Shaw, Editor/Publisher
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