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 Park Ridge: Notice Of Request Of Release Of Funds

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LHA is seeking to use sales proceeds from the sale of Arbor Manor, a 17-acre site that LHA previously owned. There are six (6) documents that need to be made available to the public for review and/comments prior to HUD’s Jacksonville Field Office releasing the funds for use at Park Ridge, an approximately 7.5-acre site to be known as Eddie Woodard Apartments. The following is a list of the documents: 

  1. Request to HUD Jacksonville Field Office to Use Program Income on Affordable Housing Development

  2. HUD Approval of Disposition and Sale of Arbor Manor

  3. Copy of the Environmental Assessment Determinations and Compliance Findings for HUD Assisted Projects 24 CFR Part 58 for Park Ridge Eddie Woodard Apartments

  4. Copy of the Signed HEROS Report Signed by Polk County

  5. LHA Board Resolution Number 22 1516 Authorizing the Executive Director to Negotiate All Documents Necessary for LHA to Manage Park Ridge Apartments

  6. LHA’s Request for Release of Funds (Form HUD 7015.15) for Park Ridge (Eddie Woodard Apartments)


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