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The HQS/UPCS Inspector will report to the Senior Program Manager for the Housing Choice Voucher and will inspect units timely as required within the operation of the Section 8 Rental Assistance Program process and other housing programs and initiatives in Polk County under the jurisdiction of the Lakeland Housing Authority.

Full Time

· Read, interpret, communicate, implement, and enforce rules and regulations of the Public Housing/Section 8 program as they relate to inspections
· Exceed the requirements and production of a Housing Inspector including but not limited to providing peer reviews, running and reviewing reports and training staff both in class room style and in the field
· Complete a minimum of 15 inspections daily
· Timely process necessary work relevant to documenting, required data entry, and notifying all parties, in writing, of the outcome of the inspections
· Serve as field inspector to make inspections for all housing units in the program to assure compliance with Public Housing/Section 8 rules and regulations
· Conduct initial and re-inspections of housing for code violations and confer with appropriate individuals to correct violations and effect required repairs
· Make determination, negotiate, and determine rent reasonableness in compliance with HUD policies and Agency procedures
· Investigate complaints on properties that could result in a health and safety issue
· Recommend abatement for failure to correct violations within a reasonable time period
· Investigate program fraud and report suspected fraudulent activity to immediate supervisor
· Determine utility types within the unit and indicate on the HUD-52667 who pays for said utilities

· High School Diploma or GED required
· Experience in building trades or a combination of education and experience required to satisfactorily perform the duties associated with the position
· Ability to inspect structures in a thorough and efficient manner, and enforce ordinances and regulations with firmness, tact and impartiality
· Knowledge of regulations and guidelines of HUD programs
· Knowledge of building construction materials, methods and practices, and some knowledge of housing codes
· General knowledge of municipal ordinances governing health, sanitation and related codes

From $10.00 - - - To $11.50 | Hourly Salary


If interested, please submit letter of interest, resume, and application to our Job Inbox by Friday, March 16, 2018

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